Characters for this campaign will start at level 17.

Start date of this campaign TBD.

current party makeup:

Scott: Aeveris – Hybrid Fighter/Cleric, multiclass some Avenger, paragon Warpriest (leader/melee striker/backup tank)

Bryan: Booneron – Shaman (leader/ranged, defender), paragon SomethingShaman

Kurtt: Huey – Fighter, paragon Kensai (defender/melee)

Jared: Gorbag – Hybrid Barbarian/Sorcerer (striker)

Ben: Smeagol – Hybrid Rogue/Ranger (ranged striker)

Mark: Quarion – Artificer or Archer Warlord or Archer Ranger (if playing)

Mike: Paska – Wizard (summoner) (striker/controller/ranged)

Dave: Puff – Paladin (defender/melee, striker with a touch of healing, pun intended)

Refugees of Kristophan

Booneron Stiney mongo Longspleen erthworm Otto